How to Create Virtual PC on Windows using Hyper V

If you want to create multiple OS on your local computer, running Microsoft Hyper-V helps you to create a different operating system on one computer, depending on its system specification. Before creating a new virtual machine first, you have to enable the Hyper-V built-in feature on windows. This article shows step by step process of how to create a virtual on windows using Hyper-V on Windows, if your want to learn the procedure make sure to read.

• Available in 64-bit of window 10 Pro, Enterprise
• (SLAT) Second Level Address Translation.(Intel and AMD )
• 4GB RAM minimum (I recommend 8 or 16 GB)

How do I create a Windows virtual server?

1. Click on the “Start button” Search for Hyper-V from the apps, From the “apps” you choose “Window Administrative tools”, then you click “Hyper-V Manager” to Open:Hyper V- Management Console”

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2. After Opened “Hyper-V Management Console” to Create “New Virtual Machine”

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3. After the Creation of the Virtual Machine, Choose the “Hard disk Size”, Memory, CPU Capacity, and OS Type.

4. Then log in to the “Virtual Machine ”

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