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How to Disable Authenticator app for Twitter Account

Once you have enabled the authenticator app for your Twitter account as means of protecting your account from unauthorized login you still have the option to disable or remove the authenticator app for your to log into Twitter without an authentication code or app code generator that is linked to your Account. Learn more on How to Enable Authenticator App for Twitter Account

This article will walk you through the step or processes for you to remove authenticator app from your Twitter account. For Example Google Authenticator App.
• If you disable or remove Authentication app there is no need to enter a six-digit code to verify your identity when accessing your account.

How to remove Authenticator App from Your Twitter.
1. Launch any Internet web browser on your computer
2. In the Address Bar Type ( )
3. Sign In With your Twitter “Username and Password”
4. Click on Login to access Twitter Web portal

Sign In Twitter
Sign In on Twitter

5. On the home Dashboard, On the left sidebar Manu of the screen, Click on ‘More’ beside three dots
Sidebar Twitter

6. On the pop-up, Click on ‘Settings and Support’ tab
Twitter Settings and Support
Twitter Settings and Support

7. On the pop-up, click ‘Settings and privacy.’

8. In the ‘Security and account access Section of ‘Setting and privacy,’ under Click on ‘Security’ tab
Security and account access
Security and account access tab

9. Under Security Choose Two-Factor Authentication
two factor
10. Windows, pop up then uncheck the box of the authenticator app to Disable it on the account.
uncheck the box
11. Window pop-up to prompt you to enter your Account Password and click on confirm
12. Click on Turn off to disable the authenticator app
 authenticator app turn off

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