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How to Enable Authenticator App for Twitter Account

Using Twitter Account gives you the opportunity to use your phone number, email, and Authenticator app as security features to prevent your account from unauthorized access to account when you enable two-factor authentication.

This article elaborates on How to Enable Authenticator App for Twitter Account Using Google Authenticator App and How to Disable Google Authentication App for Twitter Account

What Authenticator App
This app serves as an extra layer of security control for you to log in to your Account, you may be required to input both a password and verification code generated by the App to verify your login Credential. Examples: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, and Twilio Authy

Firstly, before using Google Authenticator for your Twitter Account, you need to install Google Authenticator App onto your Phone device from Play Store for android phone and Play Store for iPhone. To install Authenticator App read on how to Installed Google Authenticator App on a Phone Device

Enable two-factor for Twitter using Google Authentication App
1. Open any Internet web browser on your computer
2. In the Address Bar input ( )
3. Sign In With your “Username and Password” of you Twitter Account
4. Click on Login to access Twitter Web portal

Sign In Twitter
Sign In on Twitter

5. On the home Dashboard, On the left sidebar Manu of the screen, Click on ‘More’ beside three dots
Sidebar Twitter

6. On the pop-up, Click on ‘Settings and Support’ tab
Twitter Settings and Support
Twitter Settings and Support

7. On the pop-up, click ‘Settings and privacy.’

8. In the ‘Security and account access Section of ‘Setting and privacy,’ under Click on ‘Security’ tab
Security and account access
Security and account access tab

9. Under Security Choose Two-Factor Authentication
two factor
10. Windows, pop up to select your mode of authentication click on two-factor authentication to enable it on the account.
11. After a pop-up window, will prompt you to Link your account to App, click on ‘Get started’

How to Link Authenticator App to Twitter Account
1. First, Download the app from the play store or apps store and install it on your phone and use it to Verify the 2-step verification Login
2. You’ll be given the option to Scan Twitter QR Code to authenticator App, click on Get Started tab
Authenticator app Link to twitter
3. Scan the Twitter app QR code, by installing the app on your phone and opening the authenticator app on your phone, and scan with the phone’s back camera, to link the Twitter account to the app
twitter QR code
A code will be generated by authenticator app to use to verify the Account to link up Twitter Account
4. To open the app on your Phone Device, Click on the Plus Icon and scan the Twitter barcode
twitter QR code
5. Enter the Six-digit code generated by to verify your Twitter Account
6. Enter the verification and click verify to Enable Authentication App with Twitter Account
twitter QR  input

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