How to Export and Import Database on XAMPP

learn how to export and import databases and also create user accounts using XAMPP on your Windows machine. If exporting and importing a Database on the xampp server is a problem for you then make sure to read the guide.

XAMPP is an open-source web server that helps in testing your project locally before making it live for large Audiences.

How do I export and import a database?
1. Click on “XAMPP control” to Open, Click start Button Select in Window APPS

2 After Open Click on “Admin Tab” on “XAMMP Control Panel”

3. When the popup Window shows up, Select the “phpMyAdmin” button

4. Login on PhpMyAdmin web interface

5. Select the “database” you want to export, click on “Check all” to Select the Database Table

6. Click on “Export” then click on “Go” to export Database (DB)

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7. To Import DB Select the download DB and import

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