How to export Contacts from Android Phone

Transfer of device contacts on a Phone can be easy, In the event of not losing all contacts from the phone, as a result of phone damage, it’s an excellent idea to Export Contacts and saves it, you can do that by importing the exported contacts from the phone to google contact.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to export phone contacts, here are steps you need to follow to export contacts from Android phones and save them via Gmail, if you want to learn make sure to read the post.

Note:After Exporting the contact file onto the phone, connect the phone to the computer to copy the exported VCF contact File from the Phone to Google Contacts
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How do I transfer contacts from an Android phone?
1. Tap on the Contact App icon on your Android phone

2. Tap Fix & manage

3. Click on the Export to file button

4. Select Account on your device, to export the contacts.

5. Select the Export to VCF file to export
6. Select the File folder to save

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