How to Reset Yahoo Password

Do you have Yahoo Mail Account and wondering how you can reset your yahoo account in the event of forgetting the authentication right of login or access your mail? Don’t be discouraged or disheartened, having a yahoo account gives you the opportunity to use your phone number, email, or authentication app as a means to reset the password of your yahoo account effortlessly. This guide will help you to reset your yahoo mail password if you have forgotten the password in the event of login into your account.

Adding a Phone Number as means to Reset the Account
Using Yahoo Account gives the option for you to add a mobile number as means of recovery, you add a phone number in the Account Security tab of your Account so that in case you forget your login credential. Learn More on How you Add a phone Number as Recovery on your Yahoo Mail Account

Adding email as means to Reset the Account
Adding an email address to Yahoo Account serves as a means that provide secure verification codes sent to a mailbox to be used in login that act as the second step in 2-step verification to reset mail account. Learn More on How you Add email as Recovery on Yahoo Mail Account

Using the Authentication app Reset Yahoo Account
Linking Authenticator apps to Yahoo Account provides an extra layer of security to your mail account and acts as the second step in 2-step verification when trying to Sign in to your Account. Learn More on How you can Use the Authentication App to enable to factor and reset your password on Yahoo Account

How to Reset your Yahoo Mail Password
1. Launch any Internet web browser
2. Input in the Browser URL
3. Sign in with “Username and Password ”
4. Under Sign In Popup Window Click on “Forgot password ?”

5. Select from the Option if you have enabled 2 Step Verification both Phone number or email,Note (If not Select Change password Next to continue)

6. After Selecting from the option a verification code will be sent for you to verify to change the password.

7. After Verify the code, you then have the option to reset your yahoo mail account password

8. Click on Continue, now the old password will change to the new password.
9. Now you can access the yahoo mail portal with the new password you inputted

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