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How to Take a Pictures with OneDrive App

Do you want to take photos with your phone and save them directly to OneDrive Cloud, with the OneDrive mobile app install on the phone you can do that. This tutories guide will walk you through How to get OneDrive mobile app and how to use OneDrive to take photos on your phone and save them to OneDrive Cloud.

How do you take pictures on OneDrive?

OneDrive mobile App gives the headway to use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to snap pictures and capture paper documents into digital forms. Once you have the picture digitally saved in your OneDrive, you can then send it through email to your family member or share it with your friends.

How do I take pictures with OneDrive Mobile App?

1. Firstly, Install OneDrive Mobile App on your Phone
2. Open the App on the Phone Screen, tap on the “OneDrive” icon
3. Input your Microsoft Account Name and Password to login.

OneDrive Mobile Sign In Tab

4. After App interface Opens and Tab on the “Plus Tab” on top

5. When the Window popup Tab on “Take a Photo” Button
6. Taka a Photo with the Phone Camera, by pressing the photo button, to take the picture.

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