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OneDrive- How to Share files and folder

The purpose of this tutorial guide, learn steps on How to Share files and folders. If you want to share files and folders in OneDrive, make sure to read this.

What is OneDrive
OneDrive helps you manage, sync, and share files or folders on Cloud. If you want to store and share personal files with people, Hosting files and folders on Microsoft OneDrive allows you to share and secure files online and accessible from smartphones, tablets, or computers everywhere
Tip: OneDrive comes with Windows 10 OS, when you want to access the install app on a computer or laptop you can click on Microsoft OneDrive Icon.
Share Files and Folder on OneDrive

Sign In to OneDrive
– Open Internet Browser (example: Chrome Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox)
– On the Address bar URL type to (
Sign In with Microsoft Account and password

  • Address bar

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  • Login to OneDrive

    Sharing file and Folder
    – On OneDrive Web portal
    – Click on the folder or File to Share
    – On the top Bar Click on the Share tab
    – When the Share Dialogue box Pop-up
    – Type the Email Address for the person you want to share the files or folder

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    Folders or Files Share Link permission

    – After Selecting a folder or file to share,
    – Set the file user permission to View, Edit, or Full Control
    – Click apply, to send the files

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